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News Desk – UPDATED — Queer Talk: Supreme Court Will Consider Review of Prop 8 Case

UPDATE at end.

From a press release this morning by the American Foundation for Equal Rights :

Today, the United States Supreme Court indicated that it will consider whether to grant review in Hollingsworth v. Perry […]

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Top Story: Sandy Lands in a Campaign Season Where Climate Change was Never Mentioned

At this point it’s pretty simple. Don’t go out if you don’t need to today. If you have to get somewhere this morning, it won’t be pleasant but you probably can if you’re careful. […]

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Sandy Closes Down Wall Street

WHEN EXTREME weather lands, money is forced to listen.

The U.S. securities industry canceled all equity trading today and recommended bond markets shut early, moving to protect workers as Hurricane Sandy barreled toward New York […]

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The War for Your Vote

FOR SOME reason people think they have a moral obligation to police your vote.

Your vote.

In the second decade of the 21st century, nothing is more outdated, with the growth of […]

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Calm Before the Nor’Easter

HURRICANE SANDY could deliver almost 11 inches to Ocean City, Maryland, a place Mark and I so enjoy. Batten down the hatches, Fish Tales. …and hang in there, Annapolis.

The Washington Post…

It was a […]

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Obama on Benghazi: “Election has Nothing to Do with Four Brave Americans Getting Killed”

THE NBC affiliate 9News in Denver interviewed President Obama on Benghazi. It must be galling that the cozy ride along Brian Williams received is, by contrast, getting no attention at all.

Denver’s Kyle Clark […]

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Journeys: Please Meet Skull.

Please meet Skull.

Skull and I have just met ourselves but it’s been fascinating to get to know him and I think you should know him as well. I say he, as a guess, […]

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Jon Stewart on Romney, Obama, Mourdock, and The Donald

SOMETIMES IT takes a comedian to put political skirmishes into perspective. For my money, the best comedic writing and video editing is Stewart and his team on the foreign policy debate. It […]

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Queer Talk: ‘You Don’t Own Me’ Still a Needed Declaration by Women [VIDEO]

Yesterday Taylor wrote Lena Dunham Ad Upsets Mourdock Supporters, which I later saw paired with the video below, with a “I approve this message” from the singer, Leslie Gore.

At Think Progress Alyssa Rosenberg writes: […]

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