Taylor Marsh is an author and speaker, political writer, and relationship expert. Marsh was profiled in the Washington Post and the New Republic, which led to her second book, The Hillary Effect, that chronicles Clinton’s rise and the sexism she faced during the 2008 campaign. Her latest book, The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen – Relationship Secrets from the Trenches chronicles over ten years inside the dating, sex and relationship worlds, where Marsh demystifies the challenges women face, from career and relationship demands, to finding personal fulfillment, offering solutions, as well as finally answering whether women can “have it all.”

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(Clinton and That No Good Trey Gowdy, the Fox Debate and Donald Trump)

The Trump Swarm

Over four days, The Huffington Post found 162 people — rival presidential candidates, other politicians, strategists, analysts, journalists and former prisoners of war — have been asked to offer their take on Trump’s comment […]

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There Is No Progressive Alternative to Hillary Clinton #BlackLivesMatter

The two Democratic presidential candidates who appeared at the conference, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, got confronted by progressive activists affiliated with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And neither of them responded terribly well: O’Malley accidentally […]

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Online Cheating Site Ashley Madison Hacked

Reached by KrebsOnSecurity late Sunday evening, ALM Chief Executive Noel Biderman confirmed the hack, and said the company was “working diligently and feverishly” to take down ALM’s intellectual property. Indeed, in the short span […]

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Donald Trump on John McCain

“It’s pretty hard to win a Republican primary when veterans are protesting outside your speeches,” Luntz said. [Mike Allen’s Playbook]

WITH NOTHING to lose he is trying to prove that no one is going to […]

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Openly Gay Thomas Roberts Makes History on NBC Nightly News

NBC News pulled out its Nightly News anchor chair Saturday night for Thomas Roberts, the rugged and dashing MSNBC host who came out when it was still considered career suicide. [Advocate]

IT WAS another first […]

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Video of the Week Starring Scott Walker (co-starring Donald Trump)

DON’T LOOK now but Jimmy Fallon’s monologue is slowly becoming must see late night watching. If you didn’t see Amy Schumer you missed a tour de force performance, a small part of […]

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Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, Domestic Terrorism Hits Tennessee

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, 24 years old, spent about seven months in Jordan last year, according to one person close to the investigation. The visit was one of a number of trips he took to […]

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Clinton Polling Angst

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s standing is falling among Democrats, and voters view her as less decisive and inspiring than when she launched her presidential campaign just three months ago, according to a new Associated Press-GfK […]

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Republicans Catch Trump Fever

IT’S TRUMP fever and Republicans have got it. But don’t worry. It’s curable, so conservatives aren’t doomed. Yet.

Politico tapped a conservative believer and he’s come up with a theory about Republican […]

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