Taylor Marsh is a political writer, author and cultural voyeur who lives in the Beltway area of Washington D.C. She is a former Broadway performer and beauty queen who was the Relationship Consultant for LA WEEKLY, then the nation’s top alternative newsweekly. Marsh marks her 20th year in new-media in 2016. Author of The Hillary Effect and The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen, Taylor turns to fiction for the first time with Below the Beltway.

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Donald Trump Gets Serious

Mr. Cruz has toured the country bragging about his voterless victory in Colorado. For a man who styles himself as a warrior against the establishment (you wouldn’t know it from his list of donors […]

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Sanders Must Challenge Clinton on ‘Judgment’ in Debate

“Dr. Song’s comment was inappropriate and insensitive. There’s no room for language like that in our political discourse,” Sanders tweeted later Thursday morning. [Politico]

IT’S THE battle in Brooklyn on CNN tonight.

Well, almost.

The truth is […]

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US Navy Ship has Very Close Encounter with Russian Aircraft *Updated*

In one of the most aggressive actions in recent memory, Russian warplanes conducted “simulated attacks” on the a U.S. Navy vessel in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, repeatedly flying within 30 feet of the […]

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Hillary Clinton, the George H.W. Bush of 2016

Bernie Sanders won one more delegate in Colorado than first projected after the Colorado Democratic Party admitted this week that it misreported the March 1 caucus results from 10 precinct locations. The party discovered […]

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Superdelegates Overturn Voters’ Will in Wyoming, Trump Unloads on GOP

Trump’s emphasis on democratic fairness may prove compelling. According to polls, Republican voters believe the nomination should go to the candidate with the most votes. Votes are different from delegates, however, and a strong […]

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28 Pages, Saudi Arabia and 9/11

“You can’t provide the money for terrorists and then say, ‘I don’t have anything to do with what they’re doing.'” – Former Senator Bob Kerrey [60 Minutes]

THE 9/11 families deserve to know what’s in […]

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Back Room ‘Democracy,’ and a Question on Social Security

On Friday evening, as the scope of Cruz’s victory in Colorado was coming into view, Trump seemed to recognize his plight. “Isn’t it a shame that the person who will have by far the […]

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Trash Talk on the Trail, Noise Machine Edition

DID SHE or didn’t she?

Remembering last summer when Secretary Clinton used a rope to cordon off the press while she walked in a parade, you’ll understand why this little tidbit from The […]

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Sanders Invited to Vatican City to Speak on Social Justice *Updated*

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, an enthusiastic fan of Pope Francis’s work, plans to step off the campaign trail next week to speak at a conference hosted by the Vatican on social, economic and […]

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