As you’ve likely noticed over the last year, the topics now venture well beyond the political, which will always be a central theme, because it’s in my bones due to the time in which I grew up. Even my new book, though it’s not political, deals with the politics of sex. The interaction between men and women and how we navigate the modern world of equality, which includes everything from our relationships to politics, from the web to the workplace, to understanding sexual harassment, as well as the psychology of cheating. Over at Huffington Post you can check out the post that has over 9.8k Facebook shares, which gives you a glimpse of my new book (also translated into Spanish at El HuffPost). This space has always been my creative laboratory, going back to 1996 when I started providing content on the web. This latest incarnation honors the path I now find myself navigating. We’ll just have to see where we go from here.

“I was a pioneer in the online sex and dating worlds, going back to the 1990s. I’ve seen victimization and have written about it in my books, some of which was highlighted in the Showtime documentary Sexy Baby. I advised women on relationships for years, talked to men about pornography, as well as women in the adult industry. In a country that refuses to accept that religion’s role and traditional relationships have shifted dramatically, blame for young women’s choices has many roots.”Taylor Marsh on Fifty Shades of Grey

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Sexual Women Don’t Need Your Stinking Lectures

first published on Huffington Post

ANTICIPATING Fifty Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day 2015, we’re teased constantly with what’s coming, but also what not to expect. I’m never surprised by how people react to […]

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Breaking News… Some Big Clinton Supporters are Idiots!

OH, SWEET Mary, make it stop! The ABC News blaring headline “EXCLUSIVE: Read the Secret Emails of the Men Who May Run Hillary Clinton’s Campaign” has landed with the thud of a gut […]

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Buyer’s Remorse in a Democratic Sturm & Drang Moment

“We’ve tried the untested candidate before,” is how one longtime consultant put it. “Could we not do that again?” – No Kleenex in Tinseltown [Politico magazine]

OH, WOE is me blues over Hillary Clinton’s potential […]

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Robed Politicians Will Take Another Shot at Obamacare

The reality, however, is that Congress can define the phrase “Exchange established by the State” to also include exchanges established by the federal government — just like they can define the word “dog” to […]

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Humans Landed a Probe on Comet 67P!

TOUCHDOWN! The European Space Agency (ESA) watched Wednesday as their Philae probe landed safely and lightly on a comet. The first time in human history this feat hass been accomplished.

The Atlantic explains.

Which […]

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A Brit’s View: Rapist Evans Returns to Soccer

This is as good a time as any to jump in on the Ched Evans débâcle. The 25-year-old Welsh soccer player was released from prison last month after serving a stretch for rape. He […]

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Explaining “Fortunate Son” to Dense Conservatives

EARTH to conservatives over at the Weekly Standard and their fans. “Fortunate Son” tells hard truths to the privileged, who rarely send their sons to war. Just ask Mitt Romney.

Who would have […]

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Calvin Klein Model Myla Dalbesio Is a 10, Not “Plus-size”

She’s not a size 0, but is she plus-size? Calvin Klein is using its curviest model yet in a new campaign — size 10 model Myla Dalbesio. [USA Today]

IN WHAT world is the […]

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China and U.S. Reach Climate Change Agreement at APEC

AFTER A day where all the headlines heralded groundbreaking news like President Obama chews gum, and President Putin’s chivalry was rebuffed by China’s first lady, APEC actually yielded pledges on climate change, which could […]

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