Taylor Marsh: Where Words Unveil the Universe

For more than four decades, I have been immersed in the realms of imagination, words, and the cosmic mysteries of life. As a creative master who writes and speaks, I have traversed various entertainment platforms, continually pushing the boundaries of storytelling and expression.

A picture of the orion nebula taken by nasa.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Present

My journey takes me to the intersection of society and culture, politics, and spirituality—a cosmic jockey exploring the profound connections that shape our world. I am passionate about delving into the human mind and examining the subtle intricacies of power in the Aquarian age.

A Glimpse of My Astral Soul Lightning Podcast

I am no astrologer, but I have experienced the mysterious roadmaps and mythology of planets and stars. There is a way to expand our ideas about who we are, why we are here, and how to live an authentic life.

Seasons are fated and affect people annually, so there is reason to explore how fated cosmic patterns do, too. There is more to life than what is seen. Religion isn’t required; faith is.

A night sky with the milky way in the background.
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Media and Profile Features

I was profiled in The Washington Post and The New Republic during the 2008 Democratic primary season.

Published Op-Eds

  • HuffPost
  • The Hill
  • U.S. News & World Report

Notable Interviews

  • The New York Times
  • LA Times
  • NY Daily News
  • BBC

Life Highlights

  • Broadway
  • B.F.A. from Stephens College
  • TV, Radio, National Commercials
  • Miss Missouri and Miss America Pageant
  • Miss Friendship in Miss Teen America Pageant
  • Relationship Consultant for LA WEEKLY
  • Web content provider began in 1996
  • Featured on Wikipedia
A green and purple aurora borealis over mountains.

Learn More About Me

Do you have any questions about my literary explorations and musings on the cosmic tapestry? Get in touch with me today to unlock the mysteries of our existence.