Solstice Empowers, Let Go

Make space for what comes next.

What emotions drive your life?
Solstice encourages assessment.

What you want to manifest in the next six months is tied to what you’re willing to do to attract what you want.

How you feel is not your emotions.
How you feel can be obliterated by one incoming critique on social media.

Our ego rules our feelings.
Our emotions run deep and are the power and connection to the law of attraction and what we want.

Discover what you’re here to do which changes as you learn more about yourself. Humans do this over a lifetime, not in one month or week to week, but in years.

Solstice is a moment where the veil of the mysterious thins.

Our intuition is a guide. Our instincts — some call it the gut — decide.

Joe Biden’s fate is wound into Saturn’s retrograde season, and his team’s righteous fight for FREEDOM.

Trump’s fate is assured through his narcissism, psychopathy, and his own choices to refuse humility and personal responsibility.

Solstice is the moment to let go of what’s been for what could be.