When Energy Syncs Up

Welcome. So, we begin…

Experience creates reality.

It’s not “cause and effect.”

Cosmic conditions can be favorable, but courage to make a risky move is required. If you’re not a little bit scared of a new direction, the choice isn’t big enough.

Synchronicity happens when cosmic alignments above coincide with human actions on Earth.

Monthly transits are set through the constancy of the Universe. “The earliest pages of cosmic history are blank,” according to NASA. But the rhythm, friction, and flow of the planets, stars, nodes, and moons make up the intangible pulse of life’s mysterious dance.

Our intuition picks up signals. Our instincts help us discern and decide.

Suspend the mythology you’ve learned to consider a different way to discover your purpose, authenticity, and what makes you happy.

Religion isn’t required, faith is.