Signpost for Progress, Fated Energy Ahead

Saturn Turns Direct

Now that Saturn’s direct, expect less friction to manifestation or change. The big ringed planet is one of the big cosmic influencers and demands our attention. But don’t accept the “malefic” description of Saturn.

The energy and mythology of Saturn reveal this planetary influence as the Great Architect of life and creativity. When retrograde, we work on what’s next, or needs to be changed. When direct, we benefit from the work done behind the scenes.

We’ve blasted through a powerful and fated eclipse season, with the cosmic dust beginning to settle. Does your life look different than it was five months ago? Mine does.

Another fated moment is in store in November, starting with the New Moon on November 13. Astrologers say the New Moon following eclipses ends their power. What I’ve experienced over 30 years tells me otherwise, with eclipses having an impact for many weeks (sometimes months) beyond.

What’s in store after the New Moon on November 13 is the big bang of the post eclipse season. Mark November 17-18 on your calendar, when the planet of action, Mars, meets the Sun, with other players in the mix.

This fated energy following the New Moon is tectonic. The Great Awakener, Uranus, is in play, which means the unexpected could be in store.

Change is my happy place. Experience has taught me surfing cosmic energies is the way to authenticity, if you’re brave enough.

Since Saturn is direct, let’s look at the synchronicity at play. Saturn is traversing Pisces, the watery spiritual sign ruled by Neptune, until May 24, 2025, with religious and spiritual issues spotlighted, which includes what’s happening in the Israel-Hamas war, and the progress of Saudi – Israeli relations, as well as the implosion of organized religion’s influence which I cover extensively in my podcast. The new speaker of the House is a throwback to the religiosity of the Puritans of New England, when the witch trials targeted women and children.

Freedom is on the ballot for women and individuals. The strong anti-women vibe from the hard right is challenging women’s rights, as well as individual choice to live as we choose.

On the political front, Donald Trump is headed for a head-on collision in the weeks and months ahead. Mr. Trump’s date with fate was set when he chose lies over truth…over and over again.

2023 is in preparation for January 22, 2024, when Pluto will move back into Aquarius. A moment when life will seem to turn at a different speed, with Aquarian air energy lighting up pathways for progress from technology to politics to banking and beyond.

Beware of astrologers or anyone else who paints cosmic energy as doom or gloom or puts humanity in a secondary role. This type of astrobabble is all over TikTok. Ignore it!

Progress depends on the choices humans make and the timing of those decisions. Outcome is not preordained, even if the astronomy is. Humans have a say, and our choices make the difference.

Create, but move judiciously.

November energies are sporty.