Heal Through the Mind (Magic Mushrooms Can Help)

It’s up to you.

Science obsesses about brain function and answers for how the mind works through theories to prove axioms. But science can’t aid humans on how to cope with what happens in private quiet moments when reenactments haunt a person.

The one thing no one tells you is how to navigate the hours alone as your mind spins a psychological thriller in your head.

Locked inside our head, we search for the reason, the purpose of the event.

All people face trauma. Looking from the outside into someone’s life, we can’t imagine what a life is like unless we’ve lived it.

Moving through the fateful dark events in life takes practice…and the imagination.

Our soul nature is not religious. Soul is energy. Soul is singular. The moment we incarnate we are alone.

I’m a trauma expert, but this conversation isn’t therapy.

(Magic Mushrooms Can Help)

photo: Mathew Schwartz, Unsplash