Hush-Money Trial, Tortured Poets and Synchronicity

We are living through cosmic energy that hasn’t happened since 1941 and won’t happen again in our lifetime. The events make life challenging, heartbreaking, and inspirational.

Pop astrology has come a long way… History is emphatic and useful in understanding our relationship with the Universe. This is synchronicity:

The last Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus hit in June 1941, the same month that Germany invaded Russia during World War II. Known as Operation Barbarossa, it remains the largest, deadliest military operation in history. (Bustle)

Fun fact… Virgo is in Lilith. Authentic voice and power are Lilith’s foundation. Virgo archetype is raw instincts, the bridge, penultimate creative mastery.

Artistry evolved from life and emotions is a law of attraction magnet. Timing of TORTURED POETS adds jet propelled Aquarian power. Listen to Taylor Swift’s THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT? In the wee hours of the morning – or was it night? Did Swift’s team know this was the moment to launch Swift’s dark, sprawling, and glorious masterpiece? Or maybe instincts guided the whole magical creation.

Strategic risk is the only appropriate action now, but what you choose must be in a new direction. Beyond what you’ve ever done before.

Trump’s ensnared in a criminal trial for a catch-and-kill scheme to hide damning evidence about his relationships with women to manipulate the 2016 election. Outcome uncertain, but Judge Merchan’s in charge. *** Silent meditation for the safety of all involved. ***

If a person refuses to evolve the gods of fate present the bill.

Synchronicity abounds. Maybe you’ve noticed this in your life.

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