Archetypes Shift: Jupiter from Taurus to Gemini

I’m not an astrologer. Experience taught me the Universe and humans synchronize.

Amazon characterizes the value of experience versus rigidity of proof “phenomenology.” This can be seen through the book Blind Spot. As for my view, discovery of the mysterious and the knowledge held within this field is indeed phenomenal.

Sagittarius full Moon includes Jupiter in Taurus before the archetype enters Gemini. Blessings arrive, or fresh path required. Mood: gratefulness, with questions. Wallow in joy. Play!

Gemini is duality, and details. Jupiter is expansive, without a map. Opposites involved.

Ideas and outward reach compete with need to hunker down, rest, plot.

Creativity churns while energy burns.

Fear competes with authentic yelp.

Embrace process.

Courage is revolutionary.