Protests and Anger Versus May’s Joy and Pleasure

Endings signify evolution at play.

“And I think Mr. Trump’s opinion was it was better to be dealing with it now, and that it would have been bad to have that story come out before the election,” Hope Hicks described during her blockbuster testimony. The criminal trial of Mr. Trump continues.

Serious events compete with the new cycle we’ve entered.

May is the month for pleasure, joy, and play. IF…we put struggles aside to breathe, integrate, and decompress…for now.

Adults have failed young people, who were left to fend for themselves amid righteous anger. From a UCLA professor in Forward:

UCLA, a prestigious public university in the United States, experienced one of the darkest nights in its 105-year history on Tuesday. Over the course of my 33-year career at UCLA, I have never seen anything so terrifying take place.

Around 11 p.m., a group of masked counterdemonstrators made their way to the Royce Quad in the heart of campus and began to attack the encampment set up last week by demonstrators opposing the war in Gaza. They threw a firecracker into the encampment, tore down its outer walls, threw heavy objects at demonstrators and instigated direct physical confrontations. Those in the encampment were left to fend for themselves against a violent band of thugs intent on inflicting damage.

May 7-8 is the Taurus new Moon. Tap into the energy of “radical optimism” however you can.

You are the mastermind.

The secret of synchronicity is to align with astronomical cycles. The game of life is creative and mutable.

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graphic: Austin Schmid, Unsplash