New Moon Meets Sun-Mars Energy

Eclipse Season Yields New Portal

Eclipse energies are fierce, fated, and evolutionary. The impact on humans can be subtle, or loud and intense.

Consider… Fated events are natural movements on the evolutionary wheel to push humanity where we need to go next. Discipline is required to intuit when we’re poised for a creative breakthrough or revving our engines without a plan.

Shifts of planets, stars, and cosmic occurrences above produce energy felt on Earth. The contagion is part of humanity’s evolution.

The physics of experience requires no “belief” and doesn’t conflict with religious foundations.

Pay attention to your emotions and how you change during seasonal, monthly, or weekly shifts of planets, stars, and bigger energies… Like what’s happening next week.

The astronomy this week shifts dramatically as we integrate eclipse season energies and prepare for the spectacular New Moon on November 13.

Have your emotions begun telling you a new story?

It’s a vibe shift beckoning, opening to an evolutionary level we’ve not visited before.

But we’re not comfortable with the unknown terrain yet.

The process can be confusing, mystifying.

The mysterious flummoxes modern humanity. Not knowing what’s next, beyond the liminal gateway. A threshold to undiscovered creative wonder.

Fated moment lands when Mars and the Sun meet November 18. Mars is action and wondrous breakthroughs, but unbalanced can burn us out, especially with the Sun involved. Again, check your emotions, what lurks deeper than “feelings.”

We’re building to this opportunistic moment, but shadow elements of humanity’s worst instincts lurk.

Prepare to step forward.

New terrain ahead holds our futures, individually and collectively.

Truth is our guide.

graphic: Planet Volumes, Unsplash