Plot Unfolds Through Intuitive Voice

Clarity rises through the haze.

Intuition is constant. Surety and trust come and go.

When large planets shift, many astrologers claim the pull is illusive to feel. Don’t be fooled into accepting someone else’s idea of what’s humming in the Universe.

Creative portals during Neptune retrograde often lead to unique drawing board events, but none quite fit. Drafts of what could be possible in 2024. Which to choose?

Neptune’s slow shift out of retrograde offers a summation. Five months of rumination, serial bursts of creative possibilities, and where to head next fall away. Neptune’s direct motion brings a soft spoken answer through your gut.

What matters has shifted.

Surprise could be on tap, as synchronicity interrupts a normal day after a spontaneous decision develops into magic. One moment after another and time’s lost.

A phenomenon labeled peak experience.

The miraculous timing of the Universe brings a Neptunian whoosh of energy to match the expansive, joyful Sagittarius mythology.

Optimism pushes against a disgruntled world.

The visionary influence of cosmic mythology offers a backdrop to human life. Each person fills in the psychological profile fitting of the remarkable experiences being lived.

Vision of how to begin 2024 becomes clearer as December deepens.

The new Moon in Sagittarius is on December 12, and December 13 brings Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Two cosmic events continue the story Neptune opened when the watery creative force of what’s possible regained motion.

Expansive action is revving below the surface, but Mercury retrograde is a sign there is much more to digest. Enormously important days when the mythological planet of communication coaxes humanity to take one last look before the jump.

One step at a time until January 20, 2024, when Pluto shifts into Aquarius.

Close to the summit. Prepare and plot, scribble notes on a dream, and journal emotions.

Creativity requires foundational, intricate architecture. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, ruled by architect Saturn, is perfect for building.

Days ahead are fertile.

Take time to rest. Play!

By January’s end, beyond manifestation, the experience in life you’ve envisioned begins to unfold.

The process requires faith.

Neptune photo by NASA, via Unplash