Vision Cast: America’s Inflection Point

2024 Evolution Election

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Hello, disgruntled America. Malaise happens at the end of an era when predictions, polls, and prayers fall short.

Astronomy is set, predetermined. A roadmap laid out as hints, signposts to the future.

America’s fate is unknown.

What comes through me depends on finding dates to correspond with the information intuited. Making sense of intuition, instincts, and life experiences lived through cycles and astronomy studied for 30 years by mapping my intuition, instincts, and mysterious psychic impulses is my story.

The set-up for 2024 offers hope. Consider…

America is at the final stage of our first Pluto return since our founding, in the sign of Capricorn. Here’s an excerpt from the link:

“We’ve been seeing just such a toxic build-up of America’s social, political, economic, and environmental issues these last few years, and that could all intensify these next few years. Will we confront and resolve those problems, and emerge from this period a newly reinvigorated and healed society, having survived the death/rebirth dynamic of Pluto?”

In November 2008, President Barack Obama took office at the same moment the Pluto-Capricorn 18-year cycle began.

Capricorn’s mythology is the sign of institutions, structure, and building systems which is associated with the sign of Saturn, it’s ruling planet.

Saturn is the architect of our lives, personally and collectively, as I see the mythology and the informing energy. It’s not malevolent or strict, as TikTok screams. Saturn is foundational to human life.

Mythology exists to guide humans which has been the case through thousands of years of evolutionary history.

Pluto mythology includes slow, deep renovation. Governed by Scorpio, the pop astrology associated with Scorpio includes harmful nonsense and negative connotations. Scorpio is deep, interior, psychic, ruthless to the cause.

No transit makes humanity act one way or another. Humans make choices.

Unlike the astronomy, humanity’s fate is NOT predetermined.

All energetics and mythology come with a shadow side which is my expertise (see my psychological thrillers). I’ve spent a lifetime dissecting the brain-mind separation and traveling through the electric portal and beyond to the mysterious.

The shadow side of human grievance exploded when the Pluto-Capricorn transit began with America electing our first Black president.

The White supremacy of our founding and the slithering weakness of Jim Crow America blown to smithereens by a Black man who rallied our country.

America’s Pluto return is meant to awaken deep-seated fury to the point of sparking evolutionary change.

The instant Donald J. Trump expounded on Barack Obama’s presidency, proving Obama’s illegitimacy was his foundational goal. Trump bellowed the first Black president wasn’t born in America, and Trumpism was born. Trumpists, united! America’s founders would have made Obama a slave, not president!

Trump hounded Obama over his birth certificate because he couldn’t accept America had elected someone who was not White. The feelings of indignation Trump elicited were tied to deeper emotions of entitlement, racism, and grievance. America is White, not Black or Brown.

Today, on the campaign trail, Trump continually cites Obama instead of Biden in his rhetoric. Freudian slip? The panicked, diminished mind of Trump holds foundational rage over the first Black president…and the vice president who vanquished him.

The Universe is about to move on from the 18-year transit of Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto will next aspect Aquarius for 20 years beginning after Election Day 2024.

The first hint of how this transit will affect humans was experienced this year from March 23, 2023 – June 11, 2023. Remember? Well, I do. Events seemed to pile up and news came in a contagion difficult to process.

Aquarius is evolutionary energy, with the mythology of this eleventh revolutionary air sign, powerfully transformative and future bound.

No coincidence that before Pluto moves into Aquarius for 20 years, there’s the final judgment delivered on the issues that rose since 2008.

The tension is palpable. Humans sense the friction. It’s not a “belief.” It’s our lives.

The 2023 midterm elections proved the lasting power of evolutionary energy meant to spur human change. Freedom won at the ballot, across political lines.

From September 1, 2024 – October 11, 2024, Pluto will retrograde into Capricorn, finishing out it’s evolutionary work between October 11, 2024, until November 19, 2024.

Humans are the only species that can thwart evolution, but the progress of humanity will not be forever denied.

Joe Biden’s destiny is tied to his vice presidency to President Obama, and to ending Trumpism.

The Pluto-Aquarius era will be unlike any humanity has known before. Progress, transformative societal shifts, and evolutionary leveling up is favored and will be swifter than previous decades.

2024 is America’s inflection point, when CITIZENS will set our trajectory for the next 20 years.

For almost 2 years I’ve said Trump will not be the Republican nominee. Trumpism is not favored to prevail in 2024.

Evolutionary headwinds include people thinking Biden’s age is more important than Trump’s nefarious plans to kill the American constitution, take power, and thwart the evolutionary energy for an autocratic noose around the hope of America’s purpose.

Mythology across thousands of years tells of Roman, Greek, and classical antiquity’s brazen old men, most being brittle, but also fiercely strong, powerful and determined in their causes. Malevolent weaknesses have been woven into our current American story by humanity’s evolutionary enemies.

The age of Aquarius comes to rescue America from the dark energy of racism, White privilege and grievance, by elevating FREEDOM and JUSTICE for all. To further perfect our union.

The mythology, energetics and astrology, astronomy, and cycles to which I refer offer clues, roadmaps, and warnings.

The inflection point of America’s promise is here and every citizen must play a part. Democracy or bondage?

Nothing is preordained, including America’s founding promise.

The celestial stage is set for humanity’s rise. A moment when each of us must choose LIGHT over dark.

Evolution offers a testing time before the hard-won breakthrough.

We’ve entered the crucible, the testing of generations.

We are responsible.


Statue of Liberty graphic, Tom Coe, Unsplash