Why Christian Nationalists are Not Christians

Will Speaker Mike Johnson Certify Election if Biden-Harris win?

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Let me tell you about my podcast. Astral Soul Lightning is about making meaning through mythology, synchronicity, and the cosmos. Understanding the world and what it means to be human through a wider lens that includes the Universe, how law of attraction works, and what a person must do to become a magnet to what she or he wants.

We’re at a moment in human history when Christian nationalists, religious leaders, and churches are being exposed as hypocrites, misogynists, and violently anti-democratic forces.

The synchronicity of the cosmic structure at this point in time includes the mythology of Saturn in the watery, spiritual sign of Pisces come to deconstruct the nonsense of Christian nationalists who are not Christian, but instead hijack a religion to exalt their extremists views and vision for a theocratic America.

MAGA Republicans are running a pilot program in Texas to force pregnant women to petition the state for permission to save their own life which they intend to take national if they win in 2024.

Barbarism is not Christian.

The same day that a judge in Texas issued a temporary restraining order on the state’s abortion ban and authorized a woman with a fatal fetal diagnosis, Dallas mom of two Kate Cox, to terminate her pregnancy, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton late Thursday filed a petition asking the Texas Supreme Court to block the ruling.

source: USA Today

In response, the Texas Supreme Court blocked the lower court.

“The speaker of the house is a collaborator to overthrow the last election?,” Jon Karl asked. “Absolutely,” replied Cheney

source: Politico

photo: Mathilda Khoo, Unsplash