2024 Optimism and Era Ending Tension Compete

Word of the New Year is Anaretic

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Exciting Times Ahead When the Universe Offers Humans Fated Days for Action and Pursuit of Happiness

The 2024 vibe is optimism. So, releasing the negative cloak of the past years is the first order of business for humanity. We can’t welcome in the magic of the Aquarius era with past baggage weighing us down.

The tension on the other side of 2024 optimism is an astrological phenomenon called the anaretic 29th degree of planets before a shift.

Ever felt edgy for no reason at all? Inner tenseness that makes you want to scream or throw something.

Planets at the tense anaretic degree point produce an equivalent planet size energy. You can see the results through extreme synchronistic events playing out on Earth.

From Reuters:

DUBAI, Jan 4 (Reuters) – Islamic State claimed responsibility on Thursday for two explosions in Iran that killed nearly 100 people and wounded scores at a memorial for top commander Qassem Soleimani who was killed in Iraq in 2020 by a U.S. drone.

There’s Israel’s strike inside Lebanon that killed one of the leaders of the Hamas:

The killing of Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri in a reported drone strike in Beirut serves as a warning to Iran, which has armed and financed Hamas, and to other Hamas leaders, experts said.

We also had bomb threats across America that the FBI said were hoaxes, and a shooting in Iowa. Then there’s this…

WASHINGTON (AP) – The United States and 12 allies issued what amounted to a final warning to Houthi rebels on Wednesday to cease their attacks on vessels in the Red Sea or face potential targeted military action.

The Universe above does not cause humans to react or act out, but when the astronomy points to the anaretic degree, what we witness is the synchronicity between the tension above and events on Earth.

The optimism at the foundation of 2024 gets a New Moon boost on January 11. Challenge yourself to act on your dreams. Action, however small, at this time is favored. Your intuition will guide, as your instincts help you decide.

We’ve almost made it through the 18-year plutonian chapter, going deep into America’s racist, misogynistic birth to exorcise our worst instincts, then replace them with the hope of a brighter American future.

We change our world one moment, one choice at a time. It begins with each person putting aside false narratives, and replacing going along to please others with an authentic voice that speaks our truth.

graphic: Karly Santiago, Unsplash