Magic and Possibility Swirl, So Cast Your Dreams Into the Universe

A Portal of Possibility

Taylor’s Podcast

The god of human architecture is meeting with the benevolent god and “manifester” of dreams. Venusian energy swirls. The days ahead are primed for authentic action and long-term plots. Collective victories sewn into humanity’s future, where authentic action is taken. We cast forth our dreams. The gods look on and await action from Earth. A moment humans can’t ignore has arrived. Synchronicity on the wings of fate for evolution’s sake.

We have entered a portal of possibility.

This last New Moon in Capricorn and the first New Moon of 2024 signals a time of opportunity, as we continue to plot in the last days of an era. The next three months will imprint the start of our story that will unfold over two decades.

All planets will be direct by January’s end, signaling something different is in the air. Our lives will be dramatically altered by this transformational energy.

What can each of us do in the days to come that will manifest our deepest hopes for the future?

Evolution is calling.

graphic: Etienne Girardet, Unsplash