Wolf Full Moon Demands Attention, Action

Expansion and Strategic Risk Favored

At 9:54 a.m. PT, January 25, the Leo full Moon crescendos.

Your most authentic voice, use it.

Your deepest wish for life, launch it.

The joy that bubbles up when you feel something coming. Tap it.

2024 is the “8” year which has connection to the Strength card in Tarot… Unless you’re tapping the mid-1970s Salvador Dali version. Dali’s deck is a universe away from the traditional.

The Strength card is associated with the number 11 in Tarot Universal Dali. Eleven being a magical number, according to some. Here’s a snippet from the book’s description…

This card is all about dealing deliberately with your vital energy and lust of life, the love of all creation.

There’s nothing about life in 2024 that doesn’t include the whole wide world. We are in Aquarius season, after all, with Pluto visiting this last air sign which hasn’t happened since the French Revolution. (See my latest podcast for more.)

Aquarius rules at present, with its energy governed by rebel genius Uranus, about to turn direct on January 27.

Of course, the Universe is never so simple as the dynamics I’ve cited above. But humans can’t juggle too many energetic and mythological symbols at once. Simplify is the way.

None of the synchronistic messages we tap from the Universe matter unless we attach the shifts to our own interpretations which come through our intuition and instincts.

Intuition guides, but instincts (our gut) decides.

Cast away what you know in your gut isn’t working. Lasso the object your mind can’t stop ruminating over.

Authenticity is the way. Expand your life.

photo by Stephen Crane, Unsplash