Aquarian Imagination and Vision Aided by Pluto Power

Pluto and Aquarius Shift the World


Whether you’ve thought about this or not; over the last 18 years you’ve built a big part of your life. Mastered the deep dive into what you want for yourself.

And now the last 18 years becomes part of the foundation on which your future will be built.

It’s the moment humans and humanity move on to the next lesson. A fated moment when the Universe shifts humanity to new priorities.

It’s not a light switch moment, but we will all see blocks to progress dissolving, as if by magic.

January 20th brings the shift of Pluto into Aquarius. From earth to air and all this brings. Quick thoughts, new dreams, a path opens without answers.

Rebellious, transformational, wild imagination, backed by the ultimate power of the Universe.

As creatives, we begin anew. One step into the new terrain.

Last time Pluto mythology met Aquarian air energy which changes on a dime and moves with the wind was the French Revolution. Not since the 18th century have humans been offered this opportunity.

We’re entering an era of human transformation, technological advancement, egalitarian causes and the rise of collective humanitarianism.

First, we must fight.

An authoritarian GOP candidate, currently under indictment and facing multiple trials, brags about a win in Iowa. This outcome represents a minority of the state’s voters in a majority (93%) White state, as American voters become younger, multi-racial, diverse, and less religious.

We were made for this… Court synchronicity.

graphic by Angely Acevedo, Unsplash