Faith Meets Flow in the Oceanic Space of Spirit

Religion Has Nothing to Do With It

A mysteriously perceptible wave of energy tied to our emotions comes at the end of what ancients and astrologers call the end of the zodiac calendar.

Pisces energy, in other words, wraps up a year of growth. We’re now involved in processing where we’ve landed through our physical body, as Spirit calls us out.

But perhaps you don’t follow astrology. Aren’t convinced of cosmic synchronicity, but are experimenting with the concept of all things being interconnected.

We have entered an emotion-based moment in the calendar year, where Spirit voice rises. Where we assess the accuracy of our intuition and the instinctual tugs that underlie the decisions and choices we’ve made over the last year.

This is a season of body meeting Spirit. Form facing fantasy, illusion, and our widest visions. Where intuition meets gut instincts, and we are asked to appreciate what our physical choices have produced.

The reason I mention Pisces season is not for the astrological import. It’s a challenge to consider how a perceptible difference can be felt as we progress through the zodiac. A challenge for your mind to think in different ways as energies above shift.

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Ocean: Joel Vodell, Unsplash