What Famous Gurus Get Wrong

I’ve been curious about the self-help and guru world since the late 1990s, when I finished my Relationship Consultant gig with the LA Weekly, hoping to publish a book on what I’d learned. Researching this world blew my mind, still does.

There’s Tony Robbins, who has guided millions… Decades ago, the dozens of Tony Robbins tapes I ripped through trying to find an answer to my life left me with one thought: I’ve done everything he says (plus therapy)! No connection whatsoever.

There’s Byron Katie, who has helped millions… “Harm is nothing more than believing your thoughts.”

Self-help guru Eckhart Tolle has helped millions of people through his philosophy that overthinking removes a person from being in the now. This is an oversimplification of his theory, but not by much.

I’m a fan of meditation, which I believe is central to understanding being a soul in a body. But ignore thinking at your peril.

Most advice…coaching…ignores the magic of the mind, and the mysterious. Tragic mistake.

Like most experts offering strategies, I understand there is more than one path, and it takes all types of ideas to tackle our shadow elements. BUT

We are here to evolve, not avoid.

Intuition, instincts, and energetic shifts provide a path of discovery. On the way to understanding our emotions and internal voice are critical to tapping the law of attraction.

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Monkey: Juan Rumimpunu, Unsplash