Taylor Swift Power and Law of Attraction Magic

What’s Your Energy Level?

Happiness, joy and living the life you want out loud will have contagious outcomes.

Taylor Swift and her hundreds of millions of fans now step into an era they will own, and they’re dragging America with them, whether people like her music, care about her or not.

Right wing males can’t believe their culture war has been stolen and crushed by millions of girls, young teens, women, and the men who love us. Swift has tied the misogynist right broflakes into knots.

The NFL is a girl thing too!

But how’d she do it?

Another part of this is that she is not easily consumable as a sex symbol. What makes Taylor Swift so unique is that her celebrity persona, unlike pop stars of the past few decades — think of Madonna or Britney Spears — is not centered on the male gaze. She’s not denying or muting her sexuality, but her performances are not catering to men. Her persona is crafted around this kind of goofy, almost nerd-like relatability and I think that is also irksome because she is not playing out the standard, patriarchal playbook of being a consumable Barbie doll sex symbol. [POLITICO]

Purpose energy is infectious. Joy is contagious. Happiness is irresistible and all of these emotions are magnets to the law of attraction.

There’s another part of the equation.

Humans feed off of each other’s energies.

“This is such a lovely thing. Shut up!” – David Letterman

Taylor Swift is a national treasure.” – Former Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney

There’s so much joy in the purpose of Taylor Swift’s life, her music, taking care of her fans, and exploring every facet of creativity she can tap. Is it any wonder she’s attracting everything she wants?

Love energy is one of the stickiest laws of attraction phenomenon we can experience. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce feed off each other, and those within their orbit benefit.

Energy magnifies when met with a similar force.

More in my weekly podcast tomorrow… Stay tuned.

Balloons: Adi Goldstein, Unsplash