America’s Presidential Election and Fated Energy

The Obama…Biden Eras’ Finale.

I’m finally being truthful about what I’m feeling, downloading, and experiencing with more accuracy and ferocity.

When I was a political writer, the movement of planets never entered my articles or op-eds. Since the launch of my podcast, Astral Soul Lightning, my explanations for the world in which we live have shifted, broadened.

I’m writing this post because of the people writing and telling me how nervous they are about America’s election.

Suspend your disbelief and consider a different way to see the election coming in November.

The Obama era began in 2007-2008, with Joe Biden part of the package. At the same moment, the fated Capricorn-Pluto era began.

Why is this labeled “fated”? Because long before we entered the 21st century, the Capricorn-Pluto era was in place. Waiting. Decades before we got here, this era awaited.

Fated energy is knowable in advance, outcome is not.

Fated energy is karmic reckoning for what has come before. It is the evolutionary engine that prods humanity to level up.

The strongest fated energy are eclipses, which abruptly move humans forward, whether we like it or not. This can include removing people, projects, animals, and many other things from our lives.

You might have assumed the Obama era was over by now, but you’d be incorrect.

The first Black president ignited the angst and entitlement of White America, with evangelicals willing to collapse their religious beliefs for a political religion tied to a man who represents America’s founding sin: RACISM.

At the same time, Brown and Black Americans rivaled White Americans in numbers.

Donald Trump represents what Pluto in Capricorn came to change over an 18-year period or so. Think deep renovating energy of Pluto meeting Saturn’s will to restructure for the long-term.

We will never experience Pluto in Capricorn again in our lifetimes.

Fated energy has nothing to do with cause and effect because humans make choices.

Trump represents the shadow side of the Pluto-Capricorn energy that represents progress, something he stands against, with his cult members by his side.

Amid this 18-year period, America had what astrologers call, our first Pluto return. A fated energy meant to overhaul what no longer serves our country.

The fight over Christian nationalism and theocratic rumblings resembles a disgruntled part of America, people who refuse to evolve.

The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville was ostensibly about protecting a statue of Robert E. Lee. It was about asserting the legitimacy of “white culture” and white supremacy and defending the legacy of the Confederacy. The Atlantic

With Saturn in Pisces, religious institutions and congregants are in the crosshairs of fated energy meant to bring a cleanup in every pew, although it will take more time to complete.

No coincidence that most of the Trump cult are White, because across America White Christian identity has splintered into a bazillion shards.

If you want more evidence please read Tim Alberta’s The Kingdom, Power, and the Glory.

As the Obama era from 2007-2008 ends, two of the oldest candidates in American history will vie for the presidency and the power.

On September 1, Pluto moves back into Capricorn and sets the stage for the finale.

Everything Obama stood for, and Biden has built upon, stands in the balance… The finale. The verdict on what was begun in 2007-2008.

Trump stood against everything Obama brought to the White House and still does.

The reason Joe Biden is the only person for the job at this point is because his fate is tied to the era about to close. Biden is literally the bridge to what’s about to take off.

It’s a theory of how the Universe above moves, and how human life on Earth can synchronize with the mythology, symbology, and energetics associated with the planets, points, orbs, and stars above.

Trump is the target of the Plutonian ideal of excavating what no longer serves our country.

Enter the bridge to the Aquarian-Pluto era. A preview of the coming 20 years played out in the spring of 2023. We’re in another preview of this era that pauses on September 1, 2024.

Why is this important?

Understanding the world and what it means to be human through a wider lens means having a guide to explain fated events above that synchronize with human events below.

Until September, the nervous systems of humans will be pulled back and forth, because the era beginning anew on November 24, 2024, is being set up. Fated energy meant to shake us personally and collectively out of what remains left to release.

Yet, nothing is settled until after the November election.

What is happening now, until September 1, are the elements that will be most important come November 24, 2024.

We’re still in Pisces season, the last of the zodiac calendar, and the ramp to the 2024 eclipse season. So, emotions are fully felt, as the new era makes its initial marks.

France has codified a woman’s right to an abortion into their constitution, the first nation to do so.

Trump has never sounded more addled and it’s going to become worse.

The fated energy of 2024 includes foreshadowing, as we receive news of Trump’s trial delays. The January 6 trial may be decided after September 1, which would be fitting. Trump learning his fate in this most important trial during the finale of the Pluto-Capricorn era almost certainly translates to karmic fate.

How could the Obama-Biden era end, if not with Trump being found guilty for what he did on January 6?

Biden’s political fate, with all that I know today, will culminate in his victory over Trump.

On November 24, 2024, Trump’s power will cease, and Trumpers will be in a losing fight against Aquarian energy that demands progress, humanitarian goals, and collective evolution.

This is the date that begins the most electric, transformational era of our lifetimes.

Joseph R. Biden is the first octogenarian in the White House. That this occurred in the shifting of two tectonic eras is fated. In his 80s, Biden represents the first of what will be the rise of older generations working and accomplishing long past what came before.

“He’s too old,” will one day be obsolete.

Humans are living longer, but what remains is that as we age, we’re slower. That doesn’t mean humans are dimmer with age.

America is a young country by world standards.

People are hungry for change. Happens every election.

At the end of one era, as we slowly enter another… There’s one inescapable reality.

The Fates seem to insist Biden finish what Obama started. A new era in full swing afterward, with Trump having been vanquished. Again.

The dynamic Pisces new Moon on March 10th is a reminder that the zodiac calendar renews at this time every year. It’s a hint for humans to do the same. (Doesn’t mean everyone will!)

The last new Moon of the zodiac calendar and the first and most powerful energy before the eclipse season begins lies before us.

The ramp.

Level up season ahead.