Lilith Joins Cosmic Allies for Supermoon

Power Resounds Through Eclipses

Why is one moment better than another. What makes the difference?

Astrology is as old as the ancient Babylonians, who used the first science as a way to mark the seasons and predict the weather. The Greek word for zodiac means “circle of animals.”

“The fact that in most of Western astrology the zodiac signs no longer align with their namesake constellations in the sky fuels critics… But practitioners…disagree, noting that the entire pursuit of astrology is a metaphoric one. The universe speaks in symbols, not exactitudes.” From Taschen’s book on Astrology

The Pisces Super New Moon on Sunday, March 10th, brings with it Lilith in Virgo, as these two zodiac signs are opposite of each other on the astrological wheel. To spark our higher selves and heal emotional wounds through authentic power. The cosmic lineup this weekend comes at a moment of perfect timing.

I’m not an astrologer. Philosophy was a gift that rose when I was young. As did my intuitive and futuristic visions visited as downloads. Astrology aided my understanding of human psychology, but most of all it provided answers to timing, seasons, and transits.

The reason I advise people to stay unattached to their birth chart is experience. The cosmic archetypes, symbols, and mythology that resonate deepest with me don’t stand out through my chart. One reason I’ve never had my chart read by someone else.

New Supermoons are expansive and the one this weekend, with watery Neptune and Pisces nudging our intuitive sight, reveals a precipice. A time for choosing.

Alchemy used on March 10th will ripple through eclipse season with the intent to inspire transformational change. Manifestation will be as strong as your courage is to tape your authentic voice.

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photo: @withluke on Instagram, via Unsplash