The Universe Wants A Word

Sun, Chiron and Healing

A total solar eclipse signifies change.

The Pons-Brooks Comet, which we see every 71 years, is a positive omen.

There are elements that can’t be seen at present. We don’t know the full picture of how we’ll navigate life once the eclipse season passes. I’d mark the date around mid-May.

Most of April will be spent in reflection.

The hardest things for humans to do is NOTHING, but it’s where flow works.

Action is our advanced way of thinking we’re on the right path, even if it feels wrong. During retrograde seasons, especially when archetype Mercury is involved, “action” means review.

Chiron is activated, with our hearts ready to expel our disappointments because they don’t need to come into the new world we’re creating. In astrology, Chiron is the wounded healer.

Astrology is a timekeeper. Using astrology is a way to understand timing, and manifestation, but also when it’s time to keep your own counsel and sit with your creative visions, thoughts, and dreams.

Your intuition, instincts, and the authentic voice you discover will do the rest.

But for now, we’re in a fated energy portal. Enjoy the ride.

The Universe Wants A Word

photo: NASA, Unsplash