The Primacy of Experience

Fated Events, Synchronicity, and Life

We have entered a fated moment in time, eclipse season. Fascinating astronomical events with ramifications for humans and our collective humanity.

What do I mean by “ramifications”? When the fullness of experience meets a moment in time when cosmic energy aligns to manifest an event of destiny for humanity through the choices humans make.

Amusing to me how articles on synchronicity will begin by citing Carl Jung, but inevitably run into a ditch by following his long-term research and writing with the word HOWEVER… Followed by “most scientists today consider the idea that coincidences are meaningful to be non-scientific.

Irony alert. Scientists and elite educated researchers ignore the experience of millions of humans in favor of scientific proof that is ignorant of the power of the mind which can only be proven through experience.

There are millions of people who reject the notion of outside influences, whether it’s the energy of the cosmos synchronizing to human events, or the phenomenon known through people like Theresa Caputo, Tyler Henry or Abraham Hicks.

Experience isn’t a phenomenon. It’s living proof.

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Photo: Almos Bechtold, Unsplash