Intuition, Instinct and That ‘Gut Feeling’

There are many theories on intuition.

The foundation of doubters is rooted in humanity’s hubris in believing we can solve the mysteries of the intangible world, and that all experience is explainable or solvable.

In fact, intuition is part of the mysterious realm.

I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am right… I was not surprised when the eclipse on May 29, 1919, confirmed my intuitions. I would have been surprised if I had been wrong.” – Albert Einstein, The Saturday Evening Post (10.26.1929)

We have entered the eclipse portal. Partnerships are under the microscopes. Remember, the south node of the Moon is in Libra. South node is about releasing.

This energy is a gift, but it’s up to us to use it. Go outside on this day and surround yourself with the healing power of nature, pull an oracle or tarot card for yourself, meditate, journal, create intentional time around what you wish to fill this new year with and what you wish to heal. The Universe will be on your side.Forever Conscious

Eclipse season and the astrological new year is a time of inspiration, creativity, and mysterious shifts and change. But if you’ve been holding on to things that no longer fit, eclipse season may remove them for you. A harder way to live.

Intuition, Instinct and ‘Gut Feeling,’ A Conversation

graphic: Sebastian Kanczok, Unsplash