Why Fluke and Other Life Theories Fail, A Parable

A picture of uranus with the name planet-age.

Uranus and All Planets Direct Never ceases to amaze me how intelligent humans, especially males, come up with tectonic, partially correct theories about human life, but ignore the ancient wisdom of the Universe, as well as the first science. In metaphysics (the search for the basic principles of everything there is), Descartes provided arguments for…

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Wolf Full Moon Demands Attention, Action

A wolf is standing in the woods and its mouth open.

Expansion and Strategic Risk Favored At 9:54 a.m. PT, January 25, the Leo full Moon crescendos. Your most authentic voice, use it. Your deepest wish for life, launch it. The joy that bubbles up when you feel something coming. Tap it. 2024 is the “8” year which has connection to the Strength card in Tarot……

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Aquarian Imagination and Vision Aided by Pluto Power

A light painting of an infinity symbol.

Pluto and Aquarius Shift the World NEW SEASON – TAYLOR’S LATEST PODCAST Whether you’ve thought about this or not; over the last 18 years you’ve built a big part of your life. Mastered the deep dive into what you want for yourself. And now the last 18 years becomes part of the foundation on which…

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Magic and Possibility Swirl, So Cast Your Dreams Into the Universe

A close up of the words no fear written in black ink.

A Portal of Possibility Taylor’s Podcast The god of human architecture is meeting with the benevolent god and “manifester” of dreams. Venusian energy swirls. The days ahead are primed for authentic action and long-term plots. Collective victories sewn into humanity’s future, where authentic action is taken. We cast forth our dreams. The gods look on…

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2024 Optimism and Era Ending Tension Compete

A pink wall with the words in pursuit of magic written on it.

Word of the New Year is Anaretic Listen to Taylor’s Podcast: Exciting Times Ahead When the Universe Offers Humans Fated Days for Action and Pursuit of Happiness The 2024 vibe is optimism. So, releasing the negative cloak of the past years is the first order of business for humanity. We can’t welcome in the magic…

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