Faith Meets Flow in the Oceanic Space of Spirit

A picture of the ocean with words written on it.

Religion Has Nothing to Do With It A mysteriously perceptible wave of energy tied to our emotions comes at the end of what ancients and astrologers call the end of the zodiac calendar. Pisces energy, in other words, wraps up a year of growth. We’re now involved in processing where we’ve landed through our physical…

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The First Big Lie, and the Sociopathic Reality of 2024

A book is open on the ground near water.

Truth The truth is the most important element of human life. The cataclysmic repercussion of lying results in a contagion of catastrophes. Where did all the lying begin? What started it? Why do humans lie? Self-preservation, ego-preservation, manipulation, and a million other reasons, all of which need to be put in the category of sociopathy.…

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Heal Through the Mind (Magic Mushrooms Can Help)

Two glowing mushrooms in the dark with a black background.

It’s up to you. Science obsesses about brain function and answers for how the mind works through theories to prove axioms. But science can’t aid humans on how to cope with what happens in private quiet moments when reenactments haunt a person. The one thing no one tells you is how to navigate the hours…

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How to Combat Mental Downward Spiral

A heart shaped object is sitting on the ground.

Emotional and Energetic Intelligence Matter Something amazing happened this week. “Elmo is just checking in. How is everyone doing?” Thousands of posters on the site formerly known as Twitter responded. Brands became involved in the conversation. Elmo posted after the avalanche. Let’s say you wake up in the morning and you get out of bed…

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Taylor Swift Power and Law of Attraction Magic

A bunch of balloons that are in the air

What’s Your Energy Level? Happiness, joy and living the life you want out loud will have contagious outcomes. Taylor Swift and her hundreds of millions of fans now step into an era they will own, and they’re dragging America with them, whether people like her music, care about her or not. Right wing males can’t…

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