Intuition, Instinct and That ‘Gut Feeling’

A fireworks display with red and white lights.

There are many theories on intuition. The foundation of doubters is rooted in humanity’s hubris in believing we can solve the mysteries of the intangible world, and that all experience is explainable or solvable. In fact, intuition is part of the mysterious realm. “I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am…

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Lilith Joins Cosmic Allies for Supermoon

A green sky with some lights in the background

Power Resounds Through Eclipses Why is one moment better than another. What makes the difference? Astrology is as old as the ancient Babylonians, who used the first science as a way to mark the seasons and predict the weather. The Greek word for zodiac means “circle of animals.” “The fact that in most of Western…

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America’s Presidential Election and Fated Energy

A close up of the american flag

**pinned** UPDATED The Finale of the Obama-Biden Eras unfolds… You might have assumed the Obama era was over, but you’d be incorrect. Joe Biden is part of this equation and the 2024 election will define how the Obama-Biden eras are remembered. I’ve been a writer for over 30 years. Yet, the synchronicity between the Universe…

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What Famous Gurus Get Wrong

A monkey sitting on top of a tree eating.

I’ve been curious about the self-help and guru world since the late 1990s, when I finished my Relationship Consultant gig with the LA Weekly, hoping to publish a book on what I’d learned. Researching this world blew my mind, still does. There’s Tony Robbins, who has guided millions… Decades ago, the dozens of Tony Robbins…

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